Grin uses computer code and is written in different languages. Grin is a variation of the traditional novel. It is a digital object that has features that make it an original work.
The title of this collection of headings is “Fatality of the link”. It is intended to mark the unavoidable character of the link in the form of hyperlink and as well, its inescapable and emotional character. Webmaster and author of the Grin: Jean Max Thuille
Drawings: Natalia Kuruch
That’s what the Grin is made of. Boboïssime is not it? This Grin is green and even super green according to Korben Dallas. The name of the hero is Jules Compactor. His first name sounds like a homage to Inspector Jules Maigret. To compensate for the failures of his organism it uses some pieces of electronics coming from the Personal Compactor. If he has some affinities with a certain Jesus Christ it is because they have the same Boss, Emperor GoodGold. Jules has a past of circus acrobat. He turned into a detective.