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Elvin is a dynamic boy who is always very kind and his good mood is communicative. His primary skill is work requiring fiberglass, resin or epoxy. In this field he has an excellent command of the implementation of these products. He also has a very good command of painting work. In addition, while I did not suspect this problem he detected water infiltration at the bridge and he found the steps that have solved this problem.


Marleny is a young woman of great kindness. Cleaning work were many on my sailboat and she accomplished them with great determination. Marleny has applied his skills for varnishing and painting for the entire interior of my yacht. We were able to work on my boat until 7 and she was responsible for preparing meals that were appreciated by everyone. Buying takeaway from the restaurant is another alternative if you do not have time to go shopping in Rio Dulce.


Carlos realizes a large number of cabinetmaking works with know-how truly unique. He works with precision and accuracy. He holds his delays despite the great diversity of work that he does. He knows how to find the right wood for your needs. The woods of different species are a great wealth of Guatemala. Carlos knows how to use them wisely and with all his talent.