Rio Dulce

Marco, Carlos, Marleny, Elvin … they work on our boats and I want to thank everyone who intervened to put my boat in shape. The work can be tedious and difficult because I want to say here how much we appreciate all the work that was brought to me by people who, in addition to great competition have always been of great kindness.
To date, my boats are two in total. These are sailboats that already had a history when I bought them and that required major repairs. So I have some experience in this area. For this time, I chose to do the work of others. It is important to organize the work. Some of the people who have worked for me, there are some who do not need specific guidelines and who know how to organize themselves, while for others it is less obvious. It is important to formulate exactly what is requested. It can happen that a partner wants, above all, to do a job for which he has an ability without really worrying about what you think is a priority. It was not always easy, but at least I made some progress in Spanish.